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While Embracing Continuous Improvement, The Bi-State Team Strives To Safely Complete Each Project On Time, Within Cost & With Quality Workmanship


In 1998 fresh out of college with a degree in Construction Management, a young hard-working Mike Jackson founded Bi-State Contracting, Inc. in West Burlington, IA. In its humble beginnings Mike and a few employees built residential homes and garages.

Muscatine High School


Michael A Jackson

Michael A. Jackson


Mike graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Construction Management. He founded Bi-State Contracting, Inc. in March of 1998 and has been the president of the company since its inception. Mike’s pastimes include hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

MELVIN K. Jackson

VICE President

Ken graduated at the University of Iowa with a degree in Civil Engineering. He has had 34 years of experience as Quality Engineer, Quality Engineering Manager, and Facility Engineering Manager before retiring from Manson & Hanger – Silas Mason Co., Inc. at Bi-State Contracting, Inc., Ken sits on the Board of Directors. He has prime responsibility for records and management systems. Kenny enjoys hunting, fishing, outdoors, and spending time with grandkids.

Melvin Kenny Jackson
Lance Adkisson

Lance Adkisson

Operations Manager

Lance graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Law Enforcement. Following six years of Law Enforcement he joined the Bi-State Contracting team in 1999. He currently serves as Bi-State Contracting Operation Manager, overseeing all day-to-day processes. His pastimes include golfing, subpar fisherman, enjoys spending time with family and friends and clean vehicles.

AJ Wenck

Project Management Assistant / Estimation

AJ completed multiple classes in Blueprint Reading and Construction Management. He has 19 years overall experience in construction and concrete. AJ performs Estimating and Project Management duties. His pastimes are all things outdoors and spending time with his family.

AJ Wenk
Tony Moore

Tony Moore

Senior Superintendent

Tony has since worked in the Construction Field for a total of 30 years. He managed his own construction business for three years before joining the Bi-State Contracting Team in 2003.  Tony acts as Bi-State Contracting’s Senior Superintendent dealing with some of Bi-State’s most complex projects. Tony’s pastimes include camping and woodworking.

Doug Beaird

Construction Coordinator

Doug completed his Criminal Justice degree at the University of Virginia. With 31 years in Law Enforcement, the last 6 years as Chief of Police in Burlington, IA. Doug joined the Bi-State Team in 2018 to provide Bi-State with a solid foundation in Community Engagement, Media Relations and Coordination of projects. In his free time Doug enjoys family, friends and the outdoors.

Doug Beaird
Nieca Link

Nieca Link

Business Administrator

Nieca graduated from Southeastern Community College with the associates degree in Business Administration. She joined the Bi-State team in 2016 conducting office administration duties, accounting, and contractual management for projects. Nieca enjoys spending time with family, riding horses and hunting.

Kevin Chase

Field Superintendent

Kevin has had one year of college classes and joined the Bi-State Contracting, Inc. Team in 2010 serving as a Field Superintendent. Kevin has over 20 years of experience in the Construction Field which include directing field personnel, managing project materials and equipment, and have responsibility for schedule compliance. Kevin’s pastimes include spending time with grandkids (family) and watching mud bogs and drag racing.

Kevin Chase

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