Constructing Communities. Building Futures.


Our highly skilled Construction Management team has had extensive experience with diversified projects of all types. Since our establishment in March of 1998, our team has the knowledge of the processes involved in working together as a team during project evaluation, estimating, and value engineering & contracts administration in order to make your project a reality. We are community focused, working in the Southeast, IA for over 25 years, with the attention to quality vs. quantity.

We specialize in superior quality projects being completed under budget and schedule requirements. Our hard-earned local reputation is at stake and we will not be satisfied unless all your project goals are met or exceeded with customer satisfaction being achieved.

We are proud to be well established in the Southeast Iowa area, with the achievement of winning the Best of Southeast Iowa’s Commercial Building Contractor of Burlington, IA 2019.


We Are Always Looking for Quality People to Join our Team!

Bi-State Contracting, Inc. hires highly-motivated, dedicated, and ambitions people who want to learn and grow with the company. Working for Bi-State is not a job, but a career – one you can be proud to be a part of. Bi-State values teamwork, loyalty, discipline, and focus. Providing benefits that mean something to all employees, giving back to those to give their time and efforts to Bi-State. Join our construction team you can learn from, grow larger, and be better with each day.

Bi-State Contracting, Inc


Bi-State Contracting, Inc.
110 Washington Road, West Burlington, Iowa 52655

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